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Vrhovno sodišče Republike Slovenije
mag. Damijan Florjančič
President since: February 2017
Justice of the Supreme Court since: 22. 10. 2010
Career before being justice of the Supreme Court:
Mag. Damijan Florjančič graduated from the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law in 1978. In 1981 he passed the legal state exam and in 2005 he obtained his master's degree at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law with a thesis on criminal justice.
He started his professional career at the Municipal Administration of the Municipality of Sežana and continued as an intern at the Higher Court in Koper. In the period 1981-1986 he was Deputy and later Head of the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Koper, Unit of Sežana.
In 1986 he was elected judge at the Basic Court in Koper (later District Court in Koper), and was appointed Head of its Sežana Unit for one year. In 1994 he was appointed president of the District Court in Koper and held this office until his appointment as higher judge at the Higher Court in Koper in 2001, where he worked until 2006. He continued his professional career as a judge seconded to the Ministry of Justice and was appointed director of Judicial Training Centre in 2008. In the period 2003 - 2014 he was president of the criminal section of the Slovenian Association of Judges.
In 2010 he became a Supreme Court judge at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and was appointed president of the Supreme Court in February 2017.