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Vrhovni sud Crne Gore
Supreme Court of Montenegro
Vesna Medenica,
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Montenegro
President of the Judicial Council of Montenegro
Observer of the Network of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union
Observer in the ENCJ
Observer in ACA-Europe
President since: 19. December 2007
Justice of the Supreme Court since: 2007
Career before being justice of the Supreme Court:
Vesna (born Vlahović) Medenica, was born on 17 July 1957 in Kolašin, where she completed basic and secondary school, graduated from the Law Faculty in Podgorica- the Univeristy of Montenegro, in 1980.

Apprenticeship completed in Basic Court in Kolašin. She passed the Bar exam in Belgrade, in 1981. Worked as the legal adviser in the Basic Court in Kolašin.
1982 - she was nominated as a judge in the Basic Court in Kolašin.
In December 1986- nominated as a Basic State Prosecutor in Kolašin, which function she performed in two mandates.
1993- nominated as a Deputy of the High State Prosecutor in Podgorica. Prosecutor's function performed in two mandates.
2001- the Parliament of Montenegro elected her as a judge in the High Court in Podgorica.

On 30 July 2003 she was nominated at the function of the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro, which she performed until December 2007.