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Mr. Thomas Rørdam, President:
President since: February 2017
Justice of the Supreme Court since: 2002
Career before being justice of the Supreme Court:
LLM, Aarhus University, Denmark, 1976
LLM, University of California at Berkeley, USA, 1977
Principal at the Ministry of Justice from 1977-1985, dealing with matters of personal, family and succession law as well as preparing legislation. Posted to the Ringsted Police Service as assistant prosecutor for 18 months from 1980-1982. Also served as an assistant prosecutor to the Public Prosecutor for Zealand for two and a half years from 1982-1985.
Partner in the law firm Advokatfirma Nyborg & Rørdam, Copenhagen, from 1985-2002. Admission to practise as a public defence counsel with the right to plead legal aid cases in 1990 and entitled to plead before the Supreme Court in 1991. I worked mainly as a trial lawyer, spending about two-thirds of my time defending criminal cases and the rest on cases dealing with employment, property and public law. In addition to trial work, I counselled musicians on copyright issues.
Appointed justice of the Supreme Court on 1 June 2002.
Writing and teaching:
Adjunct teacher (most recently adjunct associate professor) at the University of Copenhagen in personal, family and succession law (1978-1979), property law (1980-1992) and criminal law (1994-1996 and again from 2004).
Teaches continuing education courses for attorneys and judges, among others, on subjects such as human rights (from 1993),
criminal procedure (from 1996), forensic psychiatry (1998) and floating company charge (2005).

I have written the book "Forsvareren" (a handbook for the counsel for the defence), and I am the co-author of two books on property law issues and have also written numerous articles for professional journals on aspects of property law and criminal procedure in particular. Since 2003, I have been one of the three chief editors of Karnovs Lovsamling (annotated body of laws).