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Върховен касационен съд на Република България
Lozan Yordanov Panov
President since: 10 February 2015.
As a president of the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Panov is a president of the Judges’ College at the Supreme Judicial Council and a president of the Managing Board of the National Institute of Justice.
Judge of the Supreme Court since: 10 February 2015
Career before being judge of the Supreme Court:
2012 – 2015 - judge at Seventh Division of the Supreme Administrative Court with specialisation in cases on conflict of interests, access to public information, communications, protection against discrimination, nature protected areas and consumer rights;
2007 – 2012 - appointed President of Sofia City Administrative Court;
2004 – 2007 - judge at the Administrative College of Sofia City Court;
2003 – 2004 - judicial trainee at the Landesgericht für Strafsachen Wien, Bezirksgericht Innere Stadt Wien, Landesgericht für Zivilrechtsachen Wien;
1999 - 2003 - judge at Sofia Regional Court;
1998 – 1999 – junior judge at Sofia City Court;
1996 – 1998 - legal adviser at the National Social Security Institute and the Ministry of Finance;
1995 – 1996 – trainee judge at Sofia District Court.