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Date of establishment: October 1st, 1950

Address and e-mail of the court:

Herrenstraße 45 a,

76133 Karlsruhe


National database of their case law:

The Supreme Court is the highest Court of general, i.e. civil and criminal, jurisdiction

What does the court decide about:

Mainly: Appeals on points of law (so called “Revision”);

also see description on the own website of the Bundesgerichtshof

(English: - “The Federal Court of Justice;

German: - Broschüre)

The principals of procedure:


The number of justices and panels:

134 Federal Judges (including 17 Presiding Judges and the President)

12 Civil Panels, 5 Criminal Panels

How are the justices appointed:

The judges of the Federal Court of Justice are elected by the Judges Election Committee and appointed by the Federal President