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President of the Network visited the Supreme Court of Poland

On 4 August 2022 the President of the Network, Mrs. Bettina Limperg (President of the Federal Supreme Court of Germany), paid a visit to the Supreme Court of Poland at the invitation of its First President dr hab. Małgorzata Manowska. The Presidents discussed issues related to the functioning of the Network of the Presidents of Supreme Judicial Courts of the EU, but also the recent changes in the structure of the Supreme Court of Poland.

President Limperg also met for discussions with the Commissioner for Human Rights dr hab. Marcin Wiącek. The meeting focused on the state of respect for the rule of law in Poland. Mr. Wiącek explained the responsibilities of the Ombudsman’s office and his position on the protection of the rule of law in Poland. The Ombudsman also discussed with his guests the recent solutions provided in the amended Act on the Supreme Court and the rules regarding disciplinary responsibility of judges in Poland. The case law of the European Court of Human Rights in cases concerning the independence of the Polish judiciary was also touched upon. The interlocutors emphasised the role of the ECHR in strengthening European standards on judicial independence and the independence of judges in Poland.

President Limperg also held conversations with members of the Polish civil society, among others with the representatives of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, of the University of Warsaw and the informal citizens' initiative #WolneSądy.

The President of the Network was impressed by the intensity and seriousness of the discussions, also with regard the recent legislative reforms. President Limperg pointed out the importance of an independent judiciary as it is stated in the European treaties. President of the Network said: “Any instrumentalisation of the judiciary for political purposes – regardless of which side – poisons people's trust in the rule of law on which the European area of freedom and justice is based upon.