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Înalta Curte de Casaţie şi Justiţie

Date of establishment: 1861

Address and e-mail of the court:

25, Str. Batiştei, sect. 2,

Bucharest, Romania,



National database of their case law:

For the case law of the supreme court:

For the national jurisprudence:

The Supreme Court is the highest court.

What does the court decide about:

The Court decides about the second appeal against the decisions of the Courts of Appeal; the appeal in the interest of the law and the appeal concerning the question for the solution of the problem of law.

The principals of procedure:

Legality, equality, publicity, contradictorily.

The number of justices and panels:

121 judges; 4 Chambers (First Civil Chamber; Second Civil Chamber; Criminal Chamber; Chamber of Administrative and Fiscal Contentious ; 4 Panels of 5 Judges, Joint chambers

How are the justices appointed:

By contest, in the front of a jury appointed by the Superior Council of Magistracy.