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Cour supérieure de justice (Superior Court of Justice of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

Thierry Hoscheit 
President of the Superior Court of Justice

President since: 1 October 2023
Member of the Superior Court of Justice since: 2011

Biography and career

1990        Master of Laws, University of Grenoble 

Thierry Hoscheit holds a master's degree in law and a postgraduate diploma in European Studies from Grenoble University. After a brief spell at the Luxembourg Bar, he joined the Luxembourg judiciary in 1990, where he served successively as a judge at the Luxembourg District Court and a judge at the Luxembourg Court of Peace. After serving as President of the Competition Council from 2004 to 2011, he returned to the judiciary to serve as Chamber President at the Luxembourg District Court and then at the Court of Appeal. The cases handled in the course of these various judicial functions were mainly in the field of civil law, and some in commercial law. He is currently President of the Superior Court of Justice, the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court.
Thierry Hoscheit has been teaching private judicial law since September 1997 as part of the compulsory training for lawyers wishing to join one of Luxembourg's bars. He is the author of numerous books and academic articles in the field of private judicial law, and works on a number of projects relating to civil procedure with the Ministry of Justice and the University of Luxembourg.