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Joint meeting (Strasbourg, June 02, 2016): "Dialogue between the Supreme Courts and the European Court of Human Rights", "Some Reflections on Protocol n° 16", "Principle on Subsidiarity"

Joint meeting with the European Court of Humain Rights

Thursday 2 June 2016




9:45-12:00 Meeting with members of the ECrtHR

Opening words by President Raimondi and Chief Justice Denham.

Points for discussion:

1. Dialogue between national Supreme Courts and the ECrtHR.:Speaker: Mr Rimvydas Norkus, President of the Supreme Court of Lithuania.

2. Protocol No. 16: Speaker: Judge Siofra O’Leary

3. The Principle of Subsidiarity: Speaker: Mr. Maarten Feteris, President of the Supreme Court of The Netherlands

4. Superior Courts Network Speaker: Judge Angelika Nußberger