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IT - Biography

Corte Suprema di Cassazione (Supreme Court of Cassation of Italy)

Ms Margherita Cassano 

First President of the Supreme Court of Cassation

President since: 6 March 2023
Member of the Supreme Court of Cassation since: 2006


Biography and career

Margherita Cassano was born in Florence in 1955 and entered the Judiciary in 1980, as deputy prosecutor at the Prosecution Office in Florence, where she was later serving at the Anti-mafia District Unit from 1991 to 1998. From 1998 to 2002 Margherita Cassano was a member of the High Judicial Council in charge of the Sixth and Ninth Committees and a member of the Disciplinary Unit.

Afterwards, with the tile of appellate judge, Margherita Cassano served at the Ufficio del Massimario e del Ruolo (Study & Research Office) at the Italian Supreme Court and in 2006 became Supreme Court Justice at the First Criminal Chamber. She was a member of the Supreme Court’s Criminal Grand Chamber and the Vice-Director of the Court’s Electronic Documentation Centre.

In 2016 Margherita Cassano was appointed President of the Court of Appeal of Florence where she served until 2020 when she started her office as Adjunct President of the Italian Supreme Court. In this capacity she coordinated the Court’s criminal sector and cooperated with the First President sitting on, inter alia, the Civil Grand Chamber dealing with appeals in disciplinary matters.

Margherita Cassano was also a member of the Scientific Board of the Italian High Judicial Council with regard to judicial training, a member of the technical Committee on the judicial requirements for Supreme Court justices, and of the decentralised training unit of the Judicial School at the Italian Supreme Court. Margherita Cassano has held lectures at universities, at university specialisation schools for legal professions, and has taken part in seminars organised by the High Judicial Council and the Italian Bar Association.

She has authored a high number of publications on criminal law, both substantive and procedural, and on the Italian judicial system.