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Cour de cassation de France


Christophe Soulard

Premier Président de la Cour de cassation de France


President since: 18 July 2022

Justice of the Supreme Court since: 2012


Career before being justice of the Supreme Court:

2017-2022: President of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court
2015-2017: Senior Section Judge in the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court
2012-2015: Judge in the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court 
2008-2012: First Vice-President of the District Court of Metz (President of First Civil Chamber and coordinator of civil matters)
1998-2008: Judge-referee at the Supreme Court (Criminal Chamber, economic and financial section)
1992-1998: Director of the European Centre for the Judiciary and Legal Professions
Set up and directed the Centre, which is located in Luxembourg and attached to the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht), and provides training in European Law for judges, government officials and lawyers from the Member States of the European Union and countries that are candidates for accession. 
1989-1992: Law clerk (référendaire) in the office of the President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, responsible for reading the judgments. The reader drafts observations on each draft judgment prepared by the judge rapporteurs, before it is submitted to the other members deciding the case. Such observations are seen only by the judge rapporteur, and relate to the internal coherence of the draft, the accuracy and relevance of the case law citations, and the syntax (all judgments are drafted in French, the Court’s working language).   
1985-1989: Judge on the District Court of Metz, responsible for civil matters.
1983-1985: Judicial traineeship.
He has also served as associate professor at several universities.