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AL - Biography

Supreme Court of Albania
President since: 17 October 2023
Justice of the Supreme Court since: : 2020
Career before being justice of the Supreme Court:

Mr. Sokol SADUSHI was born on July 27th, 1963. He is married and has three children. In 1986, he completed his studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. He has exercised the legal profession as a prosecutor, university lecturer, lawyer and member of the Constitutional Court of Albania.

In 1991, he started teaching as administrative law lecturer at the Faculty of Law and from 1997 onwards at the Albanian School of Magistrates in Tirana. In 2006, he obtained “Doctor of Juridical Science” degree, and in 2013 he obtained the title of “Associate Professor” (Prof.Assoc.Dr.).

Mr. Sadushi is the author of many publications and research articles in the field of administrative law, constitutional law and human rights. He published the books “Administrative Law 2”, “Constitutional Control”, “Constitutional Justice in Development”, “Administrative Court and Legal Control on the Administration”, and “Procedural Administrative Law”.  Moreover, he is co-author of the books “Commentary on the Code of Administrative Procedure”, “Comparative View on Civil Procedure”, “Comparative View of Administrative Law Issues”, and Commentary “On the Constitutional Reform in the Justice System (2016)”.

In April 1998, the Albanian Assembly elected Sokol Sadushi  judge of the Constitutional Court of Albania, a position he held until July 2011. From May 2013 until July 2014, he held the office of the Rector of Luarasi University (private institution of higher education). In November 2014, he was elected Director of School of Magistrates and held this position until March 2020.

He was appointed judge to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Albania by decree no. 11452 of the President of the Republic, dated 11 March 2020.